Thursday, February 25, 2016

Getting Excited Again

I am officially an affiliate of the Empower Network again! I'LL be honest, I still don't know the first thing about driving traffic to a particular site. What I know is that I have been instructed to blog daily as part of my learning curve, so yes this counts! If you want to see what has me so excited just TRY THIS LINK: Right now my goal from this moment until March 31st 2016 is to acquire 12 Top Producers to be on my Council Of 12. How do you become a top producer? Simple: Go to Empower Network and purchase the $500 Top Producer Formula!

Thursday, July 03, 2014

Intelligent Design (TheThinkingAtheist mirror)

Every Doctor Who Opening (HD) (1963-2013)

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The Zuckerberg Bomb...

1. Don't start a company unless it's an obsession and something you love. 2. If you have an exit strategy, it's not an obsession. 3. Hire people who you think will love working there. 4. Sales Cure All. Know how your company will make money and how you will actually make sales. 5. Know your core competencies and focus on being great at them. Pay up for people in your core competencies. Get the best. Outside the core competencies, hire people that fit your culture but aren't as expensive to pay. Related: Mark Cuban on Why You Should Never Listen to Your Customers 6. An espresso machine? Are you kidding me? Coffee is for closers. Sodas are free. Lunch is a chance to get out of the office and talk. There are 24 hours in a day, and if people like their jobs, they will find ways to use as much of it as possible to do their jobs. Click to enlarge infographic (+) Mark Cuban's 12 Rules for Startups 7. No offices. Open offices keep everyone in tune with what is going on and keep the energy up. If an employee is about privacy, show him or her how to use the lock on the bathroom. There is nothing private in a startup. This is also a good way to keep from hiring executives who cannot operate successfully in a startup. My biggest fear was always hiring someone who wanted to build an empire. If the person demands to fly first class or to bring over a personal secretary, run away. If an exec won't go on sales calls, run away. They are empire builders and will pollute your company. 8. As far as technology, go with what you know. That is always the most inexpensive way. If you know Apple, use it. If you know Vista, ask yourself why, then use it. It's a startup so there are just a few employees. Let people use what they know. Related: Three Steps for Getting Started in Mobile Commerce 9. Keep the organization flat. If you have managers reporting to managers in a startup, you will fail. Once you get beyond startup, if you have managers reporting to managers, you will create politics. 10. Never buy swag. A sure sign of failure for a startup is when someone sends me logo-embroidered polo shirts. If your people are at shows and in public, it's okay to buy for your own employees, but if you really think people are going to wear your branded polo when they're out and about, you are mistaken and have no idea how to spend your money. 11. Never hire a PR firm. A public relations firm will call or email people in the publications you already read, on the shows you already watch and at the websites you already surf. Those people publish their emails. Whenever you consume any information related to your field, get the email of the person publishing it and send them a message introducing yourself and the company. Their job is to find new stuff. They will welcome hearing from the founder instead of some PR flack. Once you establish communication with that person, make yourself available to answer their questions about the industry and be a source for them. If you are smart, they will use you. Related: Is Any Publicity Good Publicity? 12. Make the job fun for employees. Keep a pulse on the stress levels and accomplishments of your people and reward them. My first company, MicroSolutions, when we had a record sales month, or someone did something special, I would walk around handing out $100 bills to salespeople. At and MicroSolutions, we had a company shot. The Kamikaze. We would take people to a bar every now and then and buy one or ten for everyone. At MicroSolutions, more often than not we had vendors cover the tab. Vendors always love a good party. This article is an edited excerpt from How to Win at the Sport of Business: If I Can Do It, You Can Do It (Diversion Books, 2011) by Mark Cuban (Available at Amazon and iTunes).

Saturday, June 28, 2014

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Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Wanted: Scion Archmage Tuition: $9000

I've just spent the evening looking over the new product line from Empower Network. The value of a single "all in" customer just jumped to $9000. This excites me, even from the outside looking in. Many times I have heard the complaint that there "is no REAL content" before reaching the "steeply priced" $15K formula. I disagree. On my own I learned how to begin developing my own products, just from the Costa Rica Intensive information. How did I do that? By recognizing that following the 8 core steps in the fast start training have me literally producing "product" every day. I'm comfortable on camera to the point that most of my presentations are subconsciously driven, even if I know next to nothing yet about systematic lead capture, traffic generation, or closing the sale. I take the attitude that everything on the market works for someone, even if it is not yet working for me. That is the difference. I have nothing but time in which to learn this process. Today my most productive phone call discussed applying money I did not yet have to a leverage process I know next to nothing about. On the other hand, paying in $2500 in order to pursue $50,000 does not seem like a bad trade. Call me crazy, but I can see some things converging here, and I believe everything happens for a reason.

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